NO11 COVID19 @ 20 December 2021

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Announcement By Scottish Government 20th December 2021

No11 is open to both Hotel and Restaurant guest

The Scottish Government has just cancelled official Hogmanay celebrations. We will be open for both rooms and restaurant customers at Hogmanay and will do everything we can to make sure you can have both a good and a covid safe time.

The new rules are:

  1. Check-in Scotland App or paper details of each guest must be recorded for contact tracing purposes. Vaccine status or Lateral Flow test is not needed for entry

  2. Mask wearing is mandatory in all public spaces. When in your room or seated you can take your mask off.

  3. 1m+ Social Distancing has been re-instated. We will provide screens between tables to assist with this.
  4. Table Service will remain in the restaurant, garden and guest lounge. Guest will not be allowed to stand/mix or approach the bar.

  5. There is a new rule of max 3 households together.

  6. Alcohol Service Times return to our Alcohol Licence Terms. These include:
    Last drinks can be served in the garden at 20:00 with guest having left the garden by 21:00

    Last drinks to no residents can be served (with a meal) up to 22:00 with guests having left by 23:00. As far as we know this has not been changed

    Hotel Residents can be served drinks in their rooms or public spaces at any time of day or night, subject to age eligibility rules, and the normal rules about not serving alcohol to anyone who may be unduly under the influence of alcohol

  7. Christmas Market/Hogmanay/Sports Fixtures
    From 27th December for 3 weeks outdoor events are to be limited to 200 people effectively closing all outdoor sports and cultural activities

Please keep safe and see you soon (hopefully).

Forward Guidance on Cancelations and Refunds

  1. If we cannot provide the Service (Room or Restaurant) due to a COVID outbreak at No11 or due to UK or Scottish Government stopping (as opposed to restricting) Hospitality we will refund you for an pre-paid Service

  2. If you cannot come to us or choose not to come to us, but we are open, we will not give refunds for any Service cancelled within the booking cancelation term.

Hamish & Susan